Aerial application is an important factor to consider each year. Deciding to apply, whether it be fungicides, pesticides or herbicides    to your crops can be costly, especially to low value crops. However, increasing yield on a low value crop can make the difference between making a profit or going bust. Lets face it you have already invested your hard earned money in the crop. you can’t increase acreage or decrease production cost. Your real hope comes in increasing yield. Calculating production cost during these difficult times can yield your highest returns. Most don’t consider the cost of running their own equipment vs hiring in an aerial applicator. Most farming operations recognize the value in applying by air. Large farming operators know hiring in an aerial applicator can decrease production cost and increase yield. Many don’t recognize the damage to crops by driving over them. In terms of direct damage and damage from soil compaction a farmer can recognize a decrease in as much as 4% yield. Combine that with the undeniable spread of disease from field to field of ground sprayers and you have a real cause for concern. Failing to consider yield losses for damaging your product can cost you big time. Aerial application has been the best method for managing plant health. Our state of the art systems can prove valuable when deciding these conditions. Let us show you how we can make the aerial difference.