Our Approach

We value our customers! In a world where everything is so disposable, automated and down right frustrating we provide services to help you manage your farming operation and give you and your family relief in a complex system. We are not a large operation and we don’t want to be. Our focus is simple, provide excellent service while making a fair living doing what we love. It may not be everyone’s dream but it is ours. We take pride in our work and can only provide service to a select few. Give us a call and see if we meet you aerial expectations.

Our Story

Black Creek Aviation was founded by Everette L Brown Jr. in 2014. Everette has a long history in Virginia. He moved to Vero Beach in 2006 and founded Black Creek Aviation in 2014. ¬†Everette prides himself on honesty and integrity. His life’s ambition has been Aviation and Black Creek Aviation has been focused on providing a unique flying experience. Our company is the only based in Vero Beach and we are the only operator of the premium Bell 206 Helicopter.

Meet the Team


Everette L Brown Jr Founder

with John Sanders of JH Sanders Jr. Aviation on left