These are the farming basics.

We each have to look to our god for happiness. When you love what you do then you will will do it very well. Farming is not something you are successful at by yourself. You are powerless when it comes to your end result. Lets face it you can plant a seed and care for it yet it is God who makes it grow.


Spraying season is now upon us. Needless to say our weather seems to get a little stranger each year. As we venture into yet another season of unexpected conditions. Let us each hold onto what we can count on most, these are the most basic things we can count on.  We will each have our own trials, and problems are alway just a moment away. Remain close to your families and pray each day, not for greatness, or for the riches of kings, but for peace, happiness and love. With these no one can ask for more. May each of you have the success of living and the wisdom to know what that means. Happy farming!


Everette L Browne

Black Creek Helicopters


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